Saturday, December 31, 2011

the master mind of the toddler bed

No this is not a blog that will be full of insight and tips on how to survive that seemingly cute little person running around your house but it may make you feel better about your little diva :)

So my daughter is now in a toddler bed & potty training (both things that bring on freedom and frustration) We had this fabulous nap schedule and it was great! Wake up at 9 naps 1-3 and bed at 9....I had no idea how lucky I was! Well little miss fancy pants now refuses to nap-flat out will not sleep until she passes out from shear exhaustion at 8:30 (I usually am not far behind her) What to do? I have no idea but she does go to "quiet time" which means we put her in her bed she climbs out reads books, plays with her babies, and like clockwork after 40 minutes in her room she starts throwing shoes at the door (guess this is our new code for come and get me). Today it is 7:30 and she has just fallen asleep-will it be for the night or just a few hours I do not know but I envy you out there with the little nappers. More on the potty training issues/excitement next time-have a great weekend everyone!

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