Saturday, April 28, 2012

beaches & pools-time for a new towel

When my daughter was 6 months old we started swim lessons which was amazing to watch her splash around and giggle. She is now almost 2 and her teacher wants to move her out of mommy & me class into the preschool class. Although it is a huge honor to my daughter (you have to be 3 1/2 to move up) I just don't think I am ready! Sure she can swim and jumps in by herself (sometime I swear she has gills) but to swim with the "big kids" this early is terrifying!
Swimming has definitely changed our lives for sure including my new obsession with swim towels! At first I would wrap her in the infant towels but they were so thin I felt like she wasn't dry at all (I swear a paper towel could of done a better job) I searched all over stores for a nice hooded towel that would not be so long that my daughter would trip. Well I came up with nothing so I started an online search which led me toO'Deliteful on etsy. The towels were very reasonably priced and very cute.  Our towel has lasted many washes and swim lessons and still looks like the day it arrived in the mail. My favorite part about the towel is that the hood part fits my daughter nicely and it is long enough to wrap around her yet does not drag on the floor.

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